Packers perfect no more

I’m a Freshman sports-writer/reporter for Birdville High School (Birdville Hawks, BISD). — This is MY OWN PERSONAL sports-blog, and it MAY NOT BE copied in any shape, way, or form at all what so ever.

If anyone was going to beat the Green Bay Packers no one would of thought it would be the Kansas City Chiefs. — But you know how saying goes: “Any given Sunday” that’s exactly the case in which the Packers lose 19-14 to the least unexpected of KC Chiefs.
— It’s surprising, but it’s not, because in recent games, the Packers have shown weaknesses in their defense, and their inability to protect QB Aaron Rodgers at times. — Kansas City, really was able to exploit those weaknesses, and capitalize on the mistakes. — Both going 16-0, and beating a undefeated team 14 games down the season, are both easier said than done, but the Chiefs just played a better game than Green-Bay on Sunday, but the Packers, despite losing this one, are certainty the better team.

— Or so they appear to be 14 games into this season, at least.   — One thing is for sure, the Chiefs knew something, and Crennel has or had the blueprints to stop this team, expect for him to be getting a lot of emails from other head-coaches, or defensive coordinators around the league, for a while, that is from playoff bound coaches, most likely.  


Author: Thomas Brunt

TCC Student. Aspiring Leader. Christ Follower.

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