7TH Grade Basketball: Richland @ Smithfeild Basketball blog, game article. 11/28/11:

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7TH Grade Basketball: Richland @ Smithfield Basketball blog, game article. 11/28/11: 
NORTH RICHLAND HILLS: “A win’s a win” according to Coach (Anthony Holman), the Smithfield Raiders beat the Richland Rams in Monday night’s game which was a 48-34 victory.  

— The Raiders started the game early out strong, and took advantage of a few Richland turnovers, which led to an 18-5 end of the first quarter lead.   — In the 2nd quarter, the Raiders gave up more than they did in the 1rst quarter, getting outscored 13-11 at the half, but they still had what was a 29-19 lead.     

— “Offensively we’re doing the right things, but defensively, we’re giving them easy stuff, that needs to change in the 2nd half” Holman told his team in the locker room at halftime.           — Well, it did for a little bit at least, at the end of the 3rd, the Raiders this time, didn’t allow as many as they did in the 2nd quarter, only allowing 6 3rd quarter points, the Raiders meanwhile on offense, were led by John Walker and Trevor Shelton who combined  for  a game total of 22 points. 

The Raiders improve to 2-0, while the Rams, go to 0-2 on the season. 


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